Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Tea and sympathy

... and tea and toast!

Anyone who has spent a day in the studio with me is bound to have heard me mention my Mum.   At 94 she still lives on her own, has more hobbies than me and I have to ring her up to check her social calendar before I make any arrangements for us to do anything together.   Not that she is ever too busy for me to pop in for tea and sympathy.

A dear friend and mentor of mine, photographer Peter Carey, suggested I photograph her as part of a new series of personal work about people eating and drinking.

Here is my Mum.............

With batter pudding from oven - "Hurry up dear, it's hot!"
We were staying with my sister in law when I shot these picture's of her hands at breakfast.   I love photographing people's hands, they are so expressive.   I did not photograph her actually eating it - she was fairly well tucking in!