Friday, 30 October 2015

A quick get-away

Grapefruit tree, Reale Alcazar, Seville
Earlier this month I finally stopped procrastinating and treated myself to a week's city-hopping in southern Spain. When I wasn't "researching the local cuisine" I had a terrific time wandering about with my treasured Sony. I still can hardly believe the quality it produces!
As you can see, I took some rain with me but, rain or sun, I would be hard put to choose between Seville, Cordoba and Granada - or their palaces! Here are a few pics of Seville for now....
Street, Seville
Nuns, Seville

Pool, Alcazar, Seville

Plaza de Espana, Seville
The Plaza de Espana is extensive. It not only looks like a film set - it is. When I was there they were filming a top-end Renault racing car which produced the most horrific noise echoing around the Plaza. You can hire a boat to go around the decorative canals of its semi-circular facade. But the Reale Alcazar and its gardens is Seville's most remarkable treasure. Water features significantly in the architecture and gardens of the area, not least in the Alcazar where they have a unique water clock which chimes profusely on the hour!

Decorative canal with ubiquitous Seville orange, Alcazar, Seville

Peacock, Alcazar. Just amused me.

There are some wonderful "proper" shops in Seville - hat shops, bathroom furniture, old-fashioned fabric shops and haberdashers and TWO traditional covered food markets. It would be easy to spend a day just window-shopping.