Wednesday, 30 July 2014

McD landscapes

Earlier this year I did some more shooting for McDonald's France with TBWA\Paris for a summer press campaign featuring their iconic close-up images cleverly layered into specially-commissioned landscapes by Andy Glass which take the produce back to its origin - be it a humble potato field or rolling sea. What amazing imagination art director Maud Poilpré has! Agency: TBWA Paris Client: McDonald’s Photographers: Sue Atkinson (food), Andy Glass (landscape) Creative Director: Jean-Françoise Goize Food Creative Director: Maud Poilpré Art Director: Hugo Katsumi Art Buyer: Barbara Chevalier, Julie Champin and Isabelle Jaubert Food Stylist: Anne-Claire Delphin/Seiko Hatfield

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Another tart

Very chuffed that OneEyeland selected my Black cherry and frangipane tart for their gallery. Apparently they seldom select food photography. Here it is - and I will add the recipe shortly!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Collaborating in a Tetley's cuppa

A recent first for me was a collaboration with another photographer on a tea shoot! Frank Herholdt and I were both commissioned by Creature London to produce images for the current Tetley's campaign - me to shoot the cup of tea and Frank to create the atmospheric environments. Although we worked together in the same studio we did not of course actually shoot it together but it was still fun - and interesting. For my part we shot the cup, tea, ripples, steam and bubbles as a "kit" but even that involved a bit of imagination and good timing to catch the right sort of ripples.... Here are a few behind the scenes reminders. 1 Food stylist Seiko gets the tea colour right with Frank's sets in the background. 2 Making sure the steam goes the right way! 3 Frank gets art director Mike to stand in for the gaffer 4 Choosing the best ripples. Do we have a concensus? 5 Beware!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Pudding mode

Happily a tarte tatin I'd been shooting as a test came in handy for afternoon tea on a last-minute Tassimo PR shoot the other day!

Monday, 28 April 2014


As I can't tell you exactly what we were shooting - yet - here is a picture of what we had for dessert on the last day of a recent shoot with Bloom Design - sweet pastry tart made with my home-grown pink gooseberries and home-made redcurrant jelly. It seemed to go down alright!! It was a little thank you to a great team....

Friday, 7 March 2014

Krispy Kreme and Coffee anyone?

I can never quite get through a Krispy Kreme shoot without at least a little nibble.... (I can't believe how they keep managing to come up with new flavours that one just has to sample.) The photography is taking a slightly new direction too. Here are some posters from the new Coffee promotion and Valentine's Day. We have also just shot a new range of really really wicked Chocomania combinations which will be launching soon. Somehow we managed to finish up with masses of samples so I have lots of very happy neighbours and we still had some over to give to charity!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Luerzer's Archive

I'm really chuffed that the work I shot with TBWA\France for MacDonalds has been selected and featured in Luerzer's Archive, January issue....

Friday, 31 January 2014

Flying food

On 30th January most of us missed out on a culinary treat. To publicise their new 100-chef kitchen servicing flights on major airlines from Heathrow, Alpha LSG Skychefs collaborated with William Murray PR and communications agency in a special launch event. At the new site they mocked up a series of "stalls" offering street food from around the world, cooked by their specialist chefs to tantalise the palates of invited guests. As part of this imaginative promotion I was asked to photograph 12 of the premier chefs along with a signature dish from each to feature in a recipe book. It was a very hectic and challenging shoot in an as yet unequipped shell of a kitchen with no heating to speak of but good fun and of course it had it's (edible) highlights too! Here are chefs Subhash Sethi with his Chicken breast tandoori, Desmond O'Connor - Roast stuffed leg and breast of corn-fed chicken, Siewyoong Loh - Braised pork belly in Guinness and Chiwan Ng - Corn-fed chicken in chilli-plum sauce:
We were also lucky to have Chris Barber (above left) supply his delicious Slow-cooked lamb recipe, left, enhanced by tales of wild foods and why we don't eat Canada geese. Last but not least, a few behind the scenes shots. Lunch on the go - YUM! - Subhash Sethi in working garb plus coat enjoying his favourite dish (I hope he'll forgive me for this!), behind the scenes team including, from left, Carrie Bateman and Alpha Head chef Carl Jones checking editorial details (I hope they'll forgive me too!) and Anna tries to keep warm while food stylist Nico discusses recipe details with chef M Imran.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Frances Quinn's SERIOUSLY chocolatey cake for Cadbury's

Just before Christmas Golin Harris asked me to do a last-minute shoot with Great British Bake Off's winner, the lovely Frances Quinn. Frances brought her really wickedly delicious chocolate cake she had created for Cadbury's to the studio but it did not leave in one piece! The above is Frances's favourite shot but I thought I'd share with you a snap of new experience I encountered on the shoot - competition for attention - from the cake!!