Thursday, 14 July 2011

Being paid to eat ice cream?

It is not often that I get to shoot on location, so when it is - apart from being a little nerve-racking - it is usually fun.

Just recently Golin Harris asked me to go up to Jean Christoph Novelli's Academy to shoot him preparing recipes for a Carte D-Or Ice cream Sundays promotion.   After a nerve-racking battle with the traffic the sat nav deposited us at a cross roads in the middle of 4 nice but fairly feature-less fields, telling us we had reached our destination.   Neither my nor my assistant's phones picked up any signal.   Fun eh.

We finally hit on asking at the nearest pub who naturally knew exactly where to direct us and arrived on time - only have to sit and wait for several hours while the video crew did their stuff.

By the time we got to shoot poor JC was pretty exhausted but none the less charming for that and we wrapped the whole thing up in about an hour and a half - which included - of course - tasting each dish.   Yum!


See Jean Christophe preparing the recipes on Carte D'Or's web site.