Friday, 20 September 2013

McCain's press, posters and on the buses

With the change in the weather (which I've really been feeling since I came back from a holiday in sunny climes!) the timing of the launch of McCain's big new campaign in the press and on poster sites and London buses could hardly have been better.   It is a marked contrast to when we did the shoots, just about the hottest part of the summer.

BMB had a very clear idea of the lighting they wanted, to make the product stand out well against the background and pick up as much natural texture as possible to keep the food looking real and scrummy.   The other main concern was to keep the products - through their arrangement and emphasising individual characteristics - looking as different as possible from one another.
 When it came to the Smiles we had an interesting time deciding on the model-making route as well as the issue of whether the eyes should be light, dark or neutral.   For those of you who like the behind-the-scenes shots, here's a beauty line up of smiles while we were playing with the lighting - vaguely reminiscent of table football!  Of course, at this point they all started developing individual characters and the whole thing became a bit silly.
But here's the finished product.
Client: McCain, Agency: BMB, Art Buyer: David Corfield, Art Director: Jay Pond-Jones, Food Stylist: Kate Parr.

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