Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Collaborating in a Tetley's cuppa

A recent first for me was a collaboration with another photographer on a tea shoot! Frank Herholdt and I were both commissioned by Creature London to produce images for the current Tetley's campaign - me to shoot the cup of tea and Frank to create the atmospheric environments. Although we worked together in the same studio we did not of course actually shoot it together but it was still fun - and interesting. For my part we shot the cup, tea, ripples, steam and bubbles as a "kit" but even that involved a bit of imagination and good timing to catch the right sort of ripples.... Here are a few behind the scenes reminders. 1 Food stylist Seiko gets the tea colour right with Frank's sets in the background. 2 Making sure the steam goes the right way! 3 Frank gets art director Mike to stand in for the gaffer 4 Choosing the best ripples. Do we have a concensus? 5 Beware!

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