Friday, 17 November 2017

Shake, Rattle and Roll?

Or Stir, Splash, Storm.... Hot on the heels on my walking holiday in Spain's beautiful Aracena Sierra - ie the first day back! - I had a great time shooting three Blue Dragon ads with the lovely people from and Nico Ghirlando as food stylist. It was all a bit of a whirl-wind, as matched by the turn-around time. The posters were up within less than a month!
I love the fact that they wanted to keep everything as real as possible - right down to the incidental splashes on the wok. The chilli sauce splashes and falling herbs were quite fun and, happily, a bit more controllable than action-effects in other recent shoots! These are the 48-sheet crops. For 6-sheets see on the main web site.

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